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Hot or not?

20/01/2014 17:19 |  Comments: 
Weekly vote-site of our daily Facebook question. From 20.01.2014 to 26.01.2014.


Alfa Romeo Montreal

If you like old Alfas, read our arcticle about a Giulia and a 75.


Ford Capri

 If you like the Capri, the European Mustang, read our arcticle about an orange one.


 If you like the old Skoda's, read our arcticle about the first one.


VW Karmann Ghia Cabrio

If you like the old aircooled VW things, read our arcticle about a really sick bug.


Renault R5 Alpine

If you like the R5 read our arcticle about Ragnotti, and his Maxi Turbo.


BMW 2002

If you like old BMWs, read the story of a 518i.


Peugeot 205 GTi

The 205 GTi is a really legend. What do you think? Will be the 208 GTi also one? Read our arcticle about this question.

Which is the hottest?

Thanks for voting!

The winner picture will be our new Facebook cover photo.

The pictures were taken at Totalcar Magazine's car meeting, called Sokadalom, on 2013 spring. 

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pick of the litterEast of Eden

A Hungarian journo lost at a Rolls-presentation

It was one of the very few Rolls-Royce events a journalist from my country had ever been invited to. And it probably wasn’t a very smart idea either to make the invitation. Or to accept it.