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The perfect mix

East meets West, low tech meets hi-tech

21/01/2014 07:16 | Comments: 

Contributing editor

Sipi is a fairy who hangs above us like a huge, ever-smiling, men’s fragrance-smelling umbrella. He can be called anytime, anywhere to lend a helping hand, and he’ll be there in an hour with one of his Transits for sure. A dangerously maniac car collector (the street in front of his house is full of his vehicles), a radio-control and model car freak, Sipos is a Swiss knife made of human flesh. Totalcar is just one job amongst his zillion occupations, but he endears it the most. Lives with a girlfriend and two dogs.

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  • Mitsubishi Sigma 3.0 24V (1992)
  • Mazda 323 TXL 4WD (1990)
  • 4 long-nose Transits (a 4x4 fire engine, a fire department staff car, an ex-Irish ambulance and an extremely oversized panel van, 1980-1984)
  • Dacia 1300 (1975, being restored)
  • Ford Capri 2.9i (1982)
  • Mercedes-Benz 280 SEL 4.5 (1972)
  • Ford Sierra Tournier 2.9i drift-car (1992)
  • Mazda 121 4dr (1993)
  • Suzuki VS1400 Intruder (1989)
  • Suzuki GSX 750 New Katana (1984)
  • Kawasaki Z1000 Police (1993)
  • Aprilia Habana (2000)
  • Volga M24 wagon (1984)
  • Ural M62 (1968, in pieces)
A beautiful vintage Polski Fiat 125P conversion with the engine of a Golf R32.

Do you want to have the best of different worlds and different periods? Just take an early Polski Fiat 125P four-door sedan (a licenced product of Fiat made in Poland), convert it into a two-door coupe and add some thrill by implanting the engine of a Volkswagen Golf R32. This engine has 241 PS with a torque figure of 320 Nm when stock, so it should move the circa one-ton body the way a little terrier shakes a ragdoll. It should do the 0-100 in around 6 seconds, I guess. The guys at Wolfsgruppe did a great job.

Some might complain about the big alloys and I must agree, a more vintage looking set would suit the car better, but bigger brakes wouldn't fit under the wheels with a smaller diameter. Look at the modified thermometer-style speedometer with a scale up to 320 km/h.

This car is the perfect mix of Eastern-bloc motoring heritage and modern "Western" technology. Just love it.

Oh, by the way, the 125P is often called "Bandyt" in Poland. This one is a Gangsta.

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