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Is the Lada-lifting a hoax?

Mythbusting the TCM-way

31/01/2014 16:07 |  Comments: 

Contributing editor

8 years of working for IBM have chiselled Balázs’s English skills to a level inappropriately high for this magazine, but did much to blunt his interest towards office work and computers. Earlier a reader and seldom contributor, also a deeply affected car maniac, he left IBM and joined us for a longer term as a journalist, but he’s back again to making money – at another IT company. Luckily he kept on writing for us and hasn’t dropped his love for photography either.

Our science division went to work to find it out.

You saw that video the other day, right? You know, where the Russian guy just lifts the back of a red Lada Samara and moves it closer to the gas pump? In the name of science and the trustworthiness of the internet we had to find out if it's possible at all.

For scientific accuracy, we got our hands on a Samara (red of course).

To make things more interesting, we also brought a military Trabant, and Béla Kathi, bodybuilder and powerlifter champion.

After our experiment we came back with the following conclusions:

First, the video is not necessarily a hoax, it is possible to move a car like this. The Samara is one of  the lightest front-engine, front wheel drive car on this side of the Iron Curtain. The Trabant is even lighter and it had a special, military-spec rear bumper (khm...a steel pipe), enabling soldiers to lift it the way we just did. Having some snow or ice also helps. A lot, actually.

Second, we need to work out more. A lot more. Does anyone know a good neurosurgeon? A masseuse maybe?

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