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A € 20,000 car for the kid?

An Aston Martin for the wealthy mini-me

09/02/2014 09:39 |  Comments: 
You can’t start early enough. Introduce your kid to the magic of driving by a luxurious, working Aston Martin in miniature

An Aston Martin dealership in London is offering something extraordinary for the kids of well-off parents: a petrol engine vehicle inspired by the legendary Astons of the ’60s. The model called DB Junior is the ultimate accessory of the coolest ten year-olds.

The 2.5 m long and a bit more than a meter wide mini Aston has a 110 ccm engine paired with a 3 speed automatic gearbox. Its end speed of 74 km/h may sound like a lot for children, but it is possible to set a speed limit of your choice to keep the car safer and the kids under control. Helping it to slow down in time is a Brembo brake system.

Every function works similarly to that of the real thing from the indicators to the headlights, while premium quality is conjured up by leather upholstery and a wheel made of wood. You can choose what paintjob your DB Junior should come with, maybe to go better with the family Astin Martin. The driver’s seat, by the way, is big enough for an adult, and the position of the pedals can be adjusted to the height of the driver.

The price is stiff, $ 26,000. But for someone who has a real Aston Martin parking in the garage, that shouldn’t be a problem.

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