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This kid is on a mission from God

Blues Brothers and bricks

26/02/2014 17:16 |  Comments: 

Contributing editor

8 years of working for IBM have chiselled Balázs’s English skills to a level inappropriately high for this magazine, but did much to blunt his interest towards office work and computers. Earlier a reader and seldom contributor, also a deeply affected car maniac, he left IBM and joined us for a longer term as a journalist, but he’s back again to making money – at another IT company. Luckily he kept on writing for us and hasn’t dropped his love for photography either.

Blues Brothers shopping mall chase scene out of LEGO.

We love LEGO at Totalcar Magazine. Well, I do, that's for sure...and maybe Sipos. A couple of times I even went as far as to try my hand at making LEGO stop-motion videos. The emphasis is on trying. I would've loved sharing them, but then two things happened. First, I remembered that I owe a LEGO firetruck video to my editor...for three years now. Second, I saw this:

There are many great things in life. LEGO is one of them. The Blues Brothers are another. The two combined is nerdgasm at its best. The kid who made this is going places, I'm sure. He deserves to.

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