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The 550cc Ferrari

Street legal F1

03/03/2014 08:45 |  Comments: 
Is the new F1 team called Force Indonesia? Abdul’s car might be the most fuel efficient Ferrari F1 ever.

Replicas are made in various ways and for various reasons. Some garages start making copies of popular sports cars to make profit, getting in trouble at times, while others simply crave a car that they won’t ever be able to afford and decide to embark on a DIY project.

The replicas are often inspired by Ferrari models. As a base, some swear by the Toyota MR2, others by the Pontiac Fiero, and a few nutters simply fasten a body made of cardboard onto their moped car. Abdul Latif from Lombok, an island in Indonesia chose a microvan donor when he set about making his dream of owning a Formula 1 race car come true.

His clone is based mainly on parts sourced from a 1980 Daihatsu Hijet microvan, including chassis, wheels, shockers, tires, and even the 550 cc engine which, unlike in the real Formula 1 race cars, was mounted up front. He fastened a one-off body made of fibre glass onto this base and rounded it all off with the obligatory sponsor logos and stickers. The proportions of his car are slightly different than those of the real thing, but the replica is remarkable, nonetheless.

Although it won’t G-force him back onto the seat and the car’s end speed is nowhere near that of the original, Mr. Latif is happy driving it around town – which he is indeed allowed to do, as the Ferrari replica has a license plate and is street legal. And how much did all of this cost, I hear you ask? Lots and lots of work hours, plus about 50 million ($4,300) Indonesian Rupiah all in all.



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