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The eternal dilemma No2.: Alfa or BMW?

Alfa 159 Vs. BMW E46 320D

14/03/2014 06:45 |  Comments: 
I do 30 thousand km a year, I have a sporty driving style. Which one should I go for, the Alfa 159 1.9, 2.0 JTD (made after 2008), or the BMW E46 320d with 150 PS (made after 2004)?

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I’ve never thought I would ask for help buying a car one day as I’m the kind browsing used car ads all day long. At times anything from the Uno Turbo to the Mercedes G looks interesting to me.

My 2007 BMW E92 is a fussy car. It’s been serving me from 3 years, but not nearly as reliably as the E46 I had before. It must go.

My question: I do about 30 thousand km a year, I have a sporty driving style (I have sent you a picture taken at this year’s trackday showing us chasing each other). Which one should I go for, the Alfa 159 1.9, 2.0 JTD (made after 2008), or the BMW E46 320d with 150 PS (made after 2004)? These are the two I like most. I don’t care about the body, even a convertible could cut it, but I definitely need a car with a manual gearbox. I don’t care much about the price, either, as we’re talking cheaper cars here than what I currently own (let’s say the upper limit is at 9,600 €).

Am I right in being scared of the „unreliability” of Italian cars? Is my mind playing a trick on me glorifying the time spent with my E46? What do you reckon?



Dear Áron,

for this money you can get the most beautiful BMWs with M-package. I think the E46 is a very good car, but you should keep an eye on these things. If you don’t insist on the M-package, for about 6,500 € or a bit over you can easily buy a car abroad that hasn’t done more than 150-160 thousand km. The Alfa 159 is a personal favourite of mine, with one of the most beautifully designed shapes of the past 10 years. In the right colour it’s striking. I particularly like the estate. Its multijet engine is great and totally reliable. I recommend you go and have a look at as many as you can of both models and simply go for the one that makes your heart skip a beat.


Friendly Car Dealer

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