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Buying a right-hand drive car

A lesson in flexibility

26/03/2014 07:09 |  Comments: 
The prices of British used right-hand drives are tempting. But is it a good idea to buy one?

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 Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I popped into your premises today. Continuing our chat I’d like to ask for your opinion about the commissioning and use of British second-hand cars in Hungary. What kind of burden shall one expect to carry making the compromise of buying a right-hand drive from England?

The antecedent was that after a while of searching the internet, I have just bought my career entrant son a car from England, telecontrolled on the phone. The result is a Honda Jazz. I have some insight into the possibilities over there.



Dear Sándor,

As the prices over there are well below the prices in the rest of Europe, many feel tempted to buy a second-hand car from Britain. Having such a car registered is no problem. That’s the easier part. As for the use, only you can decide whether you can manage. It’s quite easy to get used to the different handling of the car, that doesn’t require any special skills. But taking over will be hard. You’ll be sitting on the other side and can hardly see a thing driving behind a truck. You won’t be able to reach the ticket in the vendor when you drive into a parking lot, and generally, you’ll have a hard time whenever you have to reach out for something through the left window. Once you decide to sell the car, potential buyers will be scarce. Nobody is going to answer your ad except for wreckers, and you’ll end up selling it for peanuts. The wreckers will love it, though. People who are up for such challenges generally say they’re not buying the car to sell it but for themselves. But every car is for sale sooner or later, and when the time comes, you’ll find you’ve been had. I wouldn’t want this hassle, but it’s for you to decide.


Friendly Car Dealer.

"Dear Friendly Car Dealer" is a regular column in the Hungarian edition of Totalcar Magazine. Our Agony Aunt has been trading cars for over 20 years and knows just about everything there is to know about used cars. Should you have any questions for our expert, please send your email to

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