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The Hungarian BMW is beautiful

Sketches of the 21st century 2000CS

03/04/2014 09:20 | Comments: 


Our heavyweight champion, Balázs, or better known as Assur on the premises is the news writer of the mother site, Oh yes, he’s an automotive engineer too. They say there isn’t a data that has ever escaped his mind, all we know is that he can drop into any conversation about any car that was made after the war, and he’ll be able to add a ton of details you won’t ever be able to find in books. He has been thinking of selling his longserving Volvo for years, so he always has some used car adverts open on his computer, just in case. Has a wife and two (almost grown-up) children.

This design has far more character than what the designers at BMW ever achieve. Will it ever go into production? We all know the answer.

In the mid-sixties, when BMW was still trying to position itself on the market and was busy fining its style, the company has made a few cars of questionable aesthetic value. One of those was the first modern mid-size BMW, the coupé version of Neue Klasse, marketed as 2000 CS.

Dávid Obendorfer, who has previously attracted attention with his modern revamp of the Renault 4 and the Fiat 127, has given this peculiar creature a current make-over in his most recent project.

The Hungarian designer based his design on the specs and dimensions of the current BMW 6, which he endowed with the characteristic features of the 2000 CS, like the grille resembling a rodent’s teeth and the headlights aligning with the edge of the hood neatly. Surprisingly, the up-to-date redesign works a lot better than the original, although I can’t put my finger on the exact reason. It might be the graceful arch of the belt line, the robust build of the car, or the shorter overhangs, but the CS Vintage is no doubt far more well-set-up.

What makes the design really alluring is exactly what made Obendorfer’s earlier work so fascinating: without being overwrought, the result is much more intriguing and has far more character than what the designers at BMW ever achieve. The shape is uncomplicated still awe-inspiring, full of character and arresting – something that is getting increasingly rare among the mass-produced models. Should one surface every now and then, it obviously falls victim to the many meetings, financial calculation and technological necessity.

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