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Reliable diesel wanted

MPV with a reliable diesel

09/04/2014 07:33 | Comments: 
Looking for a MPV with a reliable diesel engine?

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I am planning to buy a MPV and count on your expert opinion. Which is the most reliable make, and more importantly, which has the most reliable diesel engine, or at least one that is cheap to get repaired?

I’m thinking Golf Plus, Renault Scenic, Seat Toledo/Altea, Toyota Corolla Verso.



Dear Ferenc,

I like the diesels of Toyota a lot. They're sophisticated, thet engines are quiet, and they tend not to go bust. Of the diesels that the VW group has to offer you’d be best off with a 1.9 diesel. You can get any service parts you need, even a used engine from a wrecker cheap for these models, and every mechanic is familiar with them.

The diesels of Renault are not as good as these two.


Friendly Car Dealer

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