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Come to the Parking Lot Parade

10/04/2014 16:58 |  Comments: 

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8 years of working for IBM have chiselled Balázs’s English skills to a level inappropriately high for this magazine, but did much to blunt his interest towards office work and computers. Earlier a reader and seldom contributor, also a deeply affected car maniac, he left IBM and joined us for a longer term as a journalist, but he’s back again to making money – at another IT company. Luckily he kept on writing for us and hasn’t dropped his love for photography either.

Where true gearheads meet

Dear Gearheads and Gearheadettes, hear-hear!

This Saturday, on April 12th, we'll be hosting  the second Parking Lot Parade. What is that you're asking? It's quite simple, really. It's a parking lot, filled with cars, but not just any. Hotrods, ratrods, socals, classics, youngtimers, originals and tuned.

The space not filled by cars is taken up by the most dedicated gearheads Hungary has to offer. And while we're at it, we'll also be shooting parts of our TV-show. There will be a buffet, there will be fun, some shade under the trees and some sunshine, bouncing off the chrome bumpers of some great-great cars. 

But there's one thing you will definitely not come across: anyone  asking for an entrance fee. And by the way, we are still missing actually. So you are kindly invited to the "Parkoló Parádé" this Saturday, from 3pm until 6pm. It will take place at Hungexpo, on Albertirsai út, Budapest. You can enter through Gate 4, right behind that fancy dump truck:

One other thing, a quite important one actually: if you feel like bringing your car, to show to the rest of your fellow gearheads, you should. There will be plenty of space for everyone, and we'd love to see the ride you hold so dear. See you on Saturday!

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