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Boys do cry

In memoriam Ayrton Senna

01/05/2014 09:56 | Comments: 


Self-appointed race-driver (whenever he gets a chance), avid car sports- and sports car-lover, manager of the mother site’s blog, Belsőség, he can always be found in the middle of the noisiest gathering. Steve has had a long-running habit of remodelling his facial hair bi-weekly. A Slovakian citizen but of Hungarian nationality, he lives in Budapest now. Has a wife, two small children and a dog.

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  • Audi A4 1.8 Avant (1996)
  • Toyota Corolla AE86 (1984) - part-owner with Andras Stump
Twenty years ago on this day the world of Formula 1 changed forever.

Robert Smith of The Cure was wrong. I've cried twice. Once of joy when my son was born. Long before that, I cried on 1 May, 1994, when the yellow helmet didn't move in spite of millions of tv viewers the world over holding their breath.

Ayrton Senna da Silva died 20 years ago. I will always remember him as the best car racer ever. He was so much more than a simple Formula 1 pilot. Please light a candle for him and everyone who laid down their life for the race.

The magic behind Ayrton Senna's car, the Honda NSX from on Vimeo.

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