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Another Toyota after the Yaris?

Looking for a reliable car for a small family

04/05/2014 10:56 | Comments: 
As our second child is arriving soon, our beloved Toyota Yaris is getting too tight. We’re looking for a similarly reliable car with a low running cost.

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

As our second child is arriving soon, our beloved Toyota Yaris is getting too tight. Regular service aside, we have never had to spend much on it, but once the pram is inside there’s hardly any space left in the boot. We’re looking for a similarly reliable car with a low running cost. I’m thinking Honda Jazz, Toyota Corolla or Auris, Kia Ceed, or maybe Citroen Picasso. Since we wouldn’t drive that much I guess a petrol car would suit us, but I’ve heard people praise the diesel Picasso. I’m looking for a car with a mileage under 100,000 km (we’re planning on keeping it for a long time), one in good condition, one that doesn’t tend to break down and will requite our TLC with low running and service costs. My list of expectations ends at ABS and electric front windows. Browsing through the ads I’ve found that the price of the Honda Jazz often exceeds that of a Corolla or an Auris of the same age. Maybe the latter two would even have a higher running cost and I’m not sure their passenger compartment would be bigger than that of my current Yaris. What do you suggest?

Thanks for your help,


Dear Zoltán,

Why insist on a mileage under 100,000 km? I’ll never understand this limit. We keep saying that it isn’t mileage we’re paying for but condition. What if a car has done 134,352 km but is otherwise tops? Believe me, it won’t suddenly disintegrate at a red light once the odometer hits 200,000 km.
A diesel Citroen Picasso with a low mileage is particularly hard to find, as diesels are typically not bought to be tucked away in a garage. Consequently, most of them will have done far more than what you have set as a limit. If you don’t plan on driving too much, don’t even think of buying a diesel. I have a soft spot for the Jazz because it’s large on the inside and small on the outside, doesn’t tend to break down, is versatile, has a big boot and a low consumption. The running costs of a Corolla or an Auris wouldn’t exceed that of a Jazz, they are reliable cars, too, especially the Corolla.
The Kia Ceed is also known for virtually never going bust, and is the same technically as the Hyundai i30, which you might also consider. Simply decide which of these you like best, have a look at a few, and buy whichever you find in the best condition. You won’t go wrong with any of you suggested Japanese or Korean cars, and you’ll find that the one in the best condition won’t necessarily be the one with the lowest mileage. If you are uncertain, I suggest you consult with a mechanic before making the purchase.


Friendly Car Dealer

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