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A stylish car for driving in the city

I want a pocket rocket

06/05/2014 16:05 |  Comments: 
Dani is looking for a small, reliable, fast but stylish city car. Here are some useful advices from our Friendly Car Dealer.

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I’d like to buy a small and reliable but stylish city car in the near future. One that comes to grips with the traffic in Budapest and can handle the challenges of driving on the M7 motorway, too.

Budget: €6,000 (plus licensing fee, etc.)


  • -Mini Cooper S (2004)
  • -Peugeot 207 / 207 CC
  • -Skoda Fabia RS
  • -Ford Fiesta ST

Obviously, the Mini is at the top of my list, I’d hold it in high esteem. But that’s true of my cars in general. Could you please advise me on which pocket rocket is worth considering and what to watch out for in such a city car?



Dear Dani,

The 2004 Cooper S still has a supercharged engine, not a 1.6 turbo. You’d better forget the latter, even if your closest friends try to talk you into buying it. The Cooper with the supercharged engine is a better construction, but no N/A Corolla. You’ll have to spend on it. Although it’s a sports car, the Fabia RS only exists as a diesel, but it’s good, reliable technology. The Fiesta ST has a two-litre N/A petrol engine. Unfortunately I haven’t driven one yet, but judging by the standard Fiesta I don’t think there’s much to worry about. I’m not familiar with the 207 CC either, but the roof of the 206 CC used to rattle and squeak, although the 207 is said not to have that problem. Please make sure the roof works properly in any Peugeot CC, and if it doesn’t, get the seller to have it repaired or else don’t buy it. If the seller claims it’s nothing and fixing it will be a walk in the park, don’t believe it. If it really is a minor glitch, the seller should have it repaired. A drop-top not working properly is a real pain in the ass as most mechanics don’t dare touch it. One that does is hard to find, and the repair will most likely cost a fortune. Chances are you’ll only ever find spare parts in a dealership and only a complete mechanism will be available, costing you an arm and a leg if you’re not willing to hunt for a used roof for months.


Friendly Car Dealer

"Dear Friendly Car Dealer" is a regular column in the Hungarian edition of Totalcar Magazine. Our Agony Aunt has been trading cars for over 20 years and knows just about everything there is to know about used cars. Should you have any questions for our expert, please send your email to

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