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A cheap car that transports four bikes

No clue what to buy

10/05/2014 15:11 |  Comments: 
A family of four cyclists is in need of a car for longer trips. But what can you cram four bikes into?

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I need to buy a car but haven’t got a clue what to get. Generally, we ride bicycles, but still need a car for longer trips. These are my criteria:

-It has to be ideal for four people on longer trips.

-It has to be able to transport four bicycles. We’re willing to take a wheel or two off if we must.

-It has to be able to deal with forest lanes, dirt roads and mountain roads.

What do you suggest?



Dear Peter,

You can’t cram four bikes into any car unless it’s a Transporter or something of the sort, not even if you take the wheels off. But this problem of yours can be solved by a roof rack. If you plan longer drives, you might consider an estate. The Toyota Carina E is one of the most durable cars ever made; it’s permanent, like misery. You’ll need to change the oil and replace service parts now and then but apart from that it’s low-maintenance. If it doesn’t rot, that is.

The earlier Audi 80 Avant with a decent 1.9 TDI could be a good choice for you, too. My further suggestions include the Passat Variant, a Golf, the Peugeot 306 and 406, an Opel Astra, or a Mitsubishi Lancer.


Friendly Car Dealer

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