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Thank God? No, thank the engineers!

A very close call

13/05/2014 12:35 |  Comments: 

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  • Mazda 323 TXL 4WD (1990)
  • 4 long-nose Transits (a 4x4 fire engine, a fire department staff car, an ex-Irish ambulance and an extremely oversized panel van, 1980-1984)
  • Dacia 1300 (1975, being restored)
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The moment a huge truck misses a small car by millimetres. Modern truck brakes are awesome!

This woman in a Chevy Spark/Daewoo Matiz should be really thankful for engineers developing increasingly efficient truck brake systems. The video perfectly demonstartes how well modern truck brake and stability systems work with a good driver sitting behind the wheel. I actually had to rewind and replay several times to believe my eyes. A huge semi stopping in such a short distance is something quite unexpected.

Do you know what helps truckers avoid collisions in such situations? Modern driver assistance systems, brake discs as big as a family size pizza and brake pads at least four times the size of an average passenger car's pad.

The oldschool Volvo in the first video was probably fitted with this system:

Now take a look what modern systems are capable of:

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It ain’t no rocket but it’s
a great sled

Either someone has been cheating with the fuel bills or this Legacy is just one helluva tough car at 300K km. Are the spark plugs really a PITA to replace?