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Could a Kia or a Hyundai replace an Opel?

From German to Korean

27/05/2014 10:28 |  Comments: 
Opel junkie trying to kick the habit asking our Friendly Car Dealer if a Kia or a Hyundai could cure his fixation.

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Dear Friendly Car Dealer,

I’ve been driving Opel Astras for years. I’ve had anything from a G to H, from a 1.6 petrol to a 1.7 diesel engine. Usually I buy 3-4 year-old cars and sell them at 7-8 years old. Fully aware of their limits and driving them accordingly, I have never had any major problems with any of them, they worked just fine.

The time has come to part with my 2006 1.7 Astra diesel and I’m thinking about breaking my habit.

I’ve heard good things about both the Kia Ceed and the Hyundai I30, but since no one I know drives either, I’m asking you whether you think they’re worth switching to? I do about 14-15 thousand km a year, in the city and in the country in equal measures. Maybe it’s not even worth buying a diesel anymore as the diesel fuel is generally more expensive than petrol, and cars with a diesel engine tend to cost more than petrol cars anyway. I have a budget of 2.2 million and I’m looking for a 3-4 year-old car.



Dear Attila,

Both Korean cars are very reliable, definitely worth a thought. The maker doesn’t offer a 7 year warranty for nothing. Considering how much you drive a year, you don’t necessarily need a diesel, but in the case of the Ceed and the i30 it may still be worth it. They don’t have a dual mass flywheel, like diesels in general, and their injection system is pretty stable, too. Check out their consumption at and calculate whether you’d be better off driving a diesel in spite of the more expensive diesel fuel. If you tend to go for shorter drives in the city a lot, I think you’d better pick a petrol.


Friendly Car Dealer

"Dear Friendly Car Dealer" is a regular column in the Hungarian edition of Totalcar Magazine. Our Agony Aunt has been trading cars for over 20 years and knows just about everything there is to know about used cars. Should you have any questions for our expert, please send your email to

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