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Kidnapping in daylight

Another Russian road rage video?

28/05/2014 11:46 |  Comments: 

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The dashcam recording shows three men forcing a pedestrian into the trunk of a BMW. What the hell happened there?

Anyone who watches dashcam videos regularly knows that basically anything can happen on the streets in Russia. Recordings of so many incredible situations have been posted on the net already that one might be forgiven for not batting an eyelid at another one showing a man being kidnapped in daylight. The whole scene was recorded by the dashboard camera of 22 year-old Artem Mailov, who’s been quizzed by the police again and again since he uploaded the video trying to find out whether the situation was real or just a stunt.

But let’s not believe everything we see. The video is suspicious for several reasons. Why does the back door open before the pedestrian utters a word and throws away his paper cup? Why doesn’t he throw it at the door? Why does he let the three men grab him and bundle him into the hood without putting up a fight? Why does one of the kidnappers hit him like a girl would once he’s inside the trunk? Something about this video just isn’t right. No wonder the commenters wouldn’t award any Oscars to the actors.
This video, however, in which somebody also gets hurled into the trunk of a BMW (yes, in Russia as well) doesn’t seem staged at all:

What do you think? Is the first video a hoax?

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