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A secret Porsche 911 prototype on video

An unseen Porsche unveiled

02/06/2014 09:34 | Comments: 


Our heavyweight champion, Balázs, or better known as Assur on the premises is the news writer of the mother site, Oh yes, he’s an automotive engineer too. They say there isn’t a data that has ever escaped his mind, all we know is that he can drop into any conversation about any car that was made after the war, and he’ll be able to add a ton of details you won’t ever be able to find in books. He has been thinking of selling his longserving Volvo for years, so he always has some used car adverts open on his computer, just in case. Has a wife and two (almost grown-up) children.

What the designers accomplished 30 years ago would still be a great achievement today.

The Porsche museum has unveiled another rarity. The concept car based on a 911 was the result of an experiment in decreasing air-drag.

The car doesn’t look that modified. It received a smooth front similar to that of the 959 as well as smooth rim covers, a new rear bumper and side skirts, and a spoiler unlike any on their previous models. Even the right-hand side mirror has been removed in order not to obstruct air flow. It was a success: the air drag coefficient dropped from 0.40 to 0.27 which is still remarkable today. These days, from an aerodynamic point of view, the most preferential drag coefficient of a mass production car is 0.23, but the average is still over 0.3.

The results inspired the shape of the next two 911 series, the 964 made from 1989, and the following 993.

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We had an idea in the back of our heads that the small, twisty Kakucsring-racetrack is a good place for this test, but we were not prepared for what came after.