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Vigilantism with a Dodge RAM

04/06/2014 05:29 |  Comments: 


Self-appointed race-driver (whenever he gets a chance), avid car sports- and sports car-lover, manager of the mother site’s blog, Belsőség, he can always be found in the middle of the noisiest gathering. Steve has had a long-running habit of remodelling his facial hair bi-weekly. A Slovakian citizen but of Hungarian nationality, he lives in Budapest now. Has a wife, two small children and a dog.

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The rampage was not stopped by the police.

Vigilantism is not OK. It won’t get you anywhere. There is the odd situation, though, when you would probably resort to it yourself. Say, if you were the parent of one of the children whose lives are put at risk by an idiot, possibly a criminal high on drugs, speeding across the playground a number of times, and you had your huge, lifted pick-up parking nearby. Wouldn’t you take action? Seeing the white car turn into the playground once again, Bryson Rowley did, living up to the name of the model he was driving: a RAM.

The rampaging driver was probably better off this way anyway. The police wouldn’t have been any more gentle with him, especially as he was threatening them with an object looking suspiciously like a gun, according to eye witnesses. People have been shot for much less. It turned out that the driver of the Hyundai was a 14 year-old kid running amok in the suburbs driving his grandfather’s car. He was lucky his spree didn’t have any victims.

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