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Don’t text and drive!

This is what you’re in for if you text behind the wheel

23/06/2014 13:56 |  Comments: 


Danny started life in the media as an ad organizer, but quickly stepped up to become a journalist at Hungary’s biggest daily paper, then made a jump to the best-known biking magazine from where life took him to a university in Brussels to study. When he returned, we snapped him up right away and since then he’s been our extremely successful editor of public affairs. As a long-distance motorbiker, Danny also doubles as an editor at our mag for two-wheel lovers, Lives with a girlfriend, has a cat.

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If you’re driving, forget your cell phone. Use a hands free device if you must, or turn the volume off before you start the engine. Texting can kill.

A shocking ad is taking the internet by storm with Volkswagen warning us that even half a second of mental absence could be fatal if it happens at the wrong time. So far the awareness-raising video has reached more than 21 million users worldwide, and could have saved a few lives already. 

In Hungary, as in most countries, using handheld cell phones while driving is strictly banned and, according to a recent court order, pushing a button to reject an incoming call while driving counts as mobile use, too.

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