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What’s a Hyundai convoy capable of without drivers?

Mind blowing Hyundai ad

03/07/2014 10:06 |  Comments: 

A beginner bursting with enthusiasm, happy to learn the tricks of the trade from the greats of Hungarian automotive journalism. Doesn’t own a car yet, which makes him a queer fish at the office. A curious all-round talent who also blogs about New York and the Middle-East.

Will they crash or will they be saved by the assistance services once the drivers capitulate? Watch the strongest contestant of the car spot of the year award so far.

Thanks to our reader, Attila, for sending us this video with the comment „The Hyundai spot of the year”. He was right in assuming we would appreciate it, it’s brilliant. If you’d like to find out what happens to six Genesises left without drivers a few metres apart on an empty road, play the video and watch what Hyundai means by a comfortable driving experience. 

Although the harmony of the applied assistants could help the driver if need be, you’d better not attempt this stunt with your mates. Please keep in mind that the lane keeping assist system normally switches off once the driver takes both of his hands off the wheel, so in order to keep following the curve of the road after all but one the driver capitulate the gadgets in the cars featured in the spot must have been modified.

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