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Suzuki on two wheels. But it’s a Swift!

A close call for the Swift

13/07/2014 13:04 |  Comments: 


Our heavyweight champion, Balázs, or better known as Assur on the premises is the news writer of the mother site, Oh yes, he’s an automotive engineer too. They say there isn’t a data that has ever escaped his mind, all we know is that he can drop into any conversation about any car that was made after the war, and he’ll be able to add a ton of details you won’t ever be able to find in books. He has been thinking of selling his longserving Volvo for years, so he always has some used car adverts open on his computer, just in case. Has a wife and two (almost grown-up) children.

There are moments in life you’ll never forget. Just ask this Spanish driving team.

Car racing is a balancing act on the edge and if you take on just a bit more than you should, it could all go terribly wrong. It takes impressive driving skills a lot of luck and to get away with situations like the ones in the video.

Swift Sport hasn’t been anywhere near winning any major races for a long time, but is always present at Spanish championships. Its cars are cheap and can still pack a punch driven by the right people, like the Oscar Barroso-David Miguez team who raced for Swift Sport at this year’s Rallye de Ourense. During the prestigious race the contestants drive through narrow mountain roads and asphalt road sections bordered by clefts and walls, and finding the top speed suitable for the different road sections can be a real challenge.

In one of the curves Barroso and Minguez only managed to avoid falling off the road by driving on two wheels, then at the end of the road section, almost drove into a wall. Tragedy was about 20 cm away.


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