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And we thought it couldn’t get any worse

The Mondeo-camper

06/08/2014 09:21 |  Comments: 
We’ve seen many strange things. But this tops them all.

We’ve seen quite some marvels churned out by DIY car builders over the years. Some of them were plain ridiculous, some tacky, and then there were some that had obviously required loads of meticulous work to turn out as ugly as they did. Like this Tremor Coaster, the brand new winner of the last category.

Never heard of it? No wonder, it’s a one-off. It was built by a British couple, June and Trevor Moreton in 1982, based on an Austin Ambassador. The front of a Ford Mondeo must have been added in the ’90s. It kind of looks as if the makers had got bored building it after applying the front fender and handed it over to a pre-schooler just getting familiar with the ruler to finish. 

Of course, the taste of the creators leaves a lot to be desired, but please give credit where credit is due and at least appreciate the finesse of the execution. No jobs have been botched here. Yes, the arrangement of the panels is somewhat chaotic but the parts fit together perfectly. And this quirky thing might actually be a fab camper van.

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