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Bugatti Veyron arrives at the dealership

Wrapped up Veyron

23/08/2014 14:15 |  Comments: 

A beginner bursting with enthusiasm, happy to learn the tricks of the trade from the greats of Hungarian automotive journalism. Doesn’t own a car yet, which makes him a queer fish at the office. A curious all-round talent who also blogs about New York and the Middle-East.

Watch a limited edition L’Or Style Vitesse and its entourage arrive in San Diego.

This Bugatti has travelled all the way from Molsheim in the North-East of France to hot and dry San Diego on order. Its first metres on American soil were supervised by a professional team and recorded, too.

During the 9 years Bugatti Veyrons have been made, less than 400 cars were sold. To uphold interest the company has been releasing very limited series models for some time now, like the black-red Veyron L’or Style Vitesse, which is seen arriving at the San Diego dealership in the video. The price? $3 million. No wonder it wasn’t transported on an open trailer in order to avoid accidents like this.

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