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Doing 180 km/h down the stairs

Don't try this with your car

25/08/2014 12:48 |  Comments: 
It's hard to believe that a car can withstand such an abusement. This is what we call a proper off-road suspension.

Have you seen the incredible video of BJ Baldwin driving his race car down huge stairs at an insane speed? Doesn’t it look as if he was taking a ride on a magic carpet?

A trophy truck like this is an interesting, albeit not too complicated structure: the more than 800 PS, 7.5-litre V8 NA is built into a strong tubular frame, while the structure itself rests on a massive, live axle at the back and wishbones in the front. What makes these machines really exciting are the springs and shock absorbers – the King Shox absorbers at the back allow for a travel of 86 cm, and the ones up front about 70 cm. 

And if you think such a stunt is a challenge for machines like this, watch what happens in race mode:

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