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Stealing a bike the Russian way

30/08/2014 12:51 | Comments: 

A beginner bursting with enthusiasm, happy to learn the tricks of the trade from the greats of Hungarian automotive journalism. Doesn’t own a car yet, which makes him a queer fish at the office. A curious all-round talent who also blogs about New York and the Middle-East.

It took them 20 minutes to take courage. Enjoy the comic scenes of a motorbike being stolen in Russia.

The topic of how to prevent car theft is a hot one. Everyone seems to have a sure-fire tip on where to park your car in a housing estate’s parking lot or a firm opinion on the usefulness of CCTV and constant pedestrian traffic. Then along comes a Russian video like this, and you’re back to square one. Enjoy the recording of a motorbike being stolen, from the moment the idea is born to its execution – in daylight, between a sideway and a motorway, right in front of the security camera. 

Via: English Russia

I can't help noting that as they walk around with their shirts pulled over their heads they really look like Beavis and Butthead.

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