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A stiff upper lip at Ferrari

RIP, Purrari!

01/09/2014 09:53 |  Comments: 
Ferrari to sue Deadmau5 because of Nyan Cat design theme.

Famous Canadian DJ Deadmau5 caused a bit of an outrage earlier this year by covering his Ferrari 458 Spider with a sky blue car wrap and decorating it with Nyan Cat, the popular internet meme figure. For one, Ferrari USA didn’t certainly didn’t get the joke and even threatened to take legal action against the DJ unless he removes the decor.

“Purrari”, the customized car featuring a prancing cat badge in place of the well-known prancing horse logo was far from beautiful, but the quality of the work done to it was top notch. The makers even paid attention to details such as the pink painted brake calipers and floor mats embroidered with cat motifs. 

Ferrari’s problem – or excuse - was probably the removal or modification of their logos and other custom badges, the rights to which are owned by the company. Every car manufacturer is entitled to file lawsuits against any owner modifying them, and Ferrari are exercising this right now for fear of mockery.

However unfounded the company’s fears may be, the threat was enough to make Deadmau5 remove the decor. He now plans to sell the 458 in its original state and has already bought a McLaren instead. Whether the incident has brought Ferrari anything is questionable, though. The Nyan Cat-themed 458 is passé, but the company’s attitude probably hasn’t won them much sympathy. Wouldn’t it have been better to be game and cash in on the artist’s popularity instead?

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