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Acceleration put in perspective

Acceleration videos compared

09/10/2014 10:48 |  Comments: 


Self-appointed race-driver (whenever he gets a chance), avid car sports- and sports car-lover, manager of the mother site’s blog, Belsőség, he can always be found in the middle of the noisiest gathering. Steve has had a long-running habit of remodelling his facial hair bi-weekly. A Slovakian citizen but of Hungarian nationality, he lives in Budapest now. Has a wife, two small children and a dog.

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0-300 km/h in sports cars and real race cars.

To many, acceleration is but a number. Especially to those who have never driven a really powerful car with a good grip and have no idea what it's like to do the 0-100 in less than 6 seconds. Or even less.

That’s silly, really, but it is true that the acceleration of today’s cars is incredible. Not just from 0 to 100, but to 300 as well. It’s well worth checking out this little roundup, complete with engine sounds and all. I was surprised by two vehicles in particular: the new Corvette and the Top Fuel dragster. Ouch. And don’t forget, a powerful car is no toy.

I wasn’t the only one to lose it at the sight of the Top Fuel dragster, especially its fuel gauge. Just watch the quantity of fuel delivered to a SINGLE piston.  And there’s 8 of them. And it's nitromethane. 

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