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When a Quattro isn't one

An RWD Quattro

20/10/2014 11:41 |  Comments: 
It's a RWD Quattro, and it's amazing!

The Slovakian rally fanatics are not the only ones familiar with the names József Béres, Sr. and Jr. any more. They have participated in several Hungarian races, too, clearly becoming crowd favourites due to their special cars and driving skills to match.

Speaking of special cars, their legendary Audi Quattro S1 is a particular crowd pleaser. You don’t see a RWD replica every day; no wonder it has gained them a huge fan base even outside of the racing circuit.

Watching Béres, Jr. drive the Audi in this video you’ll immediately notice what an amazing sound the car makes while moving spectacularly. This is one driver you certainly won’t accuse of trying to save fuel!

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