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Epic Scion FR-S, Toyota GT86 test drive

21/04/2013 07:46 |  Comments: 

Contributing editor

One of the founders of our mother site, Quiet, self-restrained, self-taught car pro, who designed much of the mechanics in his Datsun 260Z track car, affectionately named ’Aardvark’. Karotta is one of the best-known car testers on TV in Hungary, a skilled drifter and the former managing director of Totalcar too. Now off to other, even more important duties within the big company, he still is a senior contributor to the mag when he can find the time.

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  • Toyota Prius (2004)
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  • Datsun 260/350Z 'Aardvark' (1974)
  • Honda CBX 550F2 (1985)
Nino Karotta crosses Europe in a GT86 to put it up against his AE86 on a racetrack.

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