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"It's about a second quicker
than the M3..."


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What is it then? A BMW 2002 from the 70's, an M3 from the 80's? No, it's a hybrid from 2013, but not quite on the line of Toyota's ideas.

A Bavarian car, but this one is from the States - it popped onto the screen from Marc Norris's Bavarian Workshop. 2002's were pretty good as they came out of the box but this one has a tuned M3 motor, Wilwood brakes, coilovers and lots of stiffening in the chassis. It is a bit stonger, much lighter and noticeably quicker than a stock E30 M3, almost by a second.

Were we to categorize it, we'd be having difficulties in telling whether this is a new car, a classic or a so called "youngtimer" but we're smitten anyways. Meet the one and only amazing M2.

To the question about how much it costs, there is the answer at the end of the video. Your jaw will drop to the floor for sure.

Source: ElectricFederal

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