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The fastest race. Ever

8000 PS Top Fuel dragster helmet cam

02/06/2013 07:06 |  Comments: 


Self-appointed race-driver (whenever he gets a chance), avid car sports- and sports car-lover, manager of the mother site’s blog, Belsőség, he can always be found in the middle of the noisiest gathering. Steve has had a long-running habit of remodelling his facial hair bi-weekly. A Slovakian citizen but of Hungarian nationality, he lives in Budapest now. Has a wife, two small children and a dog.

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It's easy as that: put all the power of the world on two rear wheels and blast yourself to hyperspace. Never mind if the engine goes bang in the process.

Next time your buddy says - this is the most simple thing on earth, why, everybody could do that - then just show him this helmet cam footage of Phil Read. True that it may be simplest form of racing ever done, but due to that it apparently became one of the most dangerous and fastest of all over the decades. Don't blink, this is space-speed 2 without Chewbacca.

Oh, and if you've ever wondered why these cars are so quick and why they are soooo dangerous then just take a look at the video below. It shows the operation of one injector nozzle of such an engine. In the first half there's a river of fuel flowing just to keep the engine idling then it turns into Victoria Falls when full throttle is selected. Don't forget: this is not petrol, the fuel you see is way more expensive, explosive and exclusive (just to stay with ex's) nitromethane. And, uh...the dragster uses eight of them nozzles.

Sources: Stu Greaves and Kris Selso

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