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Extreme urban wakeboard on the flooded streets of Budapest

Flood, police, wakeboarders

13/06/2013 16:42 |  Comments: 

Managing director

Well-known in Totalcar-circles for being able to draft in huge wads of dough in impossible times, we all tolerate Tibby’s sick jokes and horribly nasty remarks day to day. On better days he doubles as a writer too, but his articles always guarantee a hoard of trolls arriving. Never being able to decide between Citroens and Merc’s, presently he owns a Merc. And a BMW. And he bombs us with ads of hydropneumatic Citroens daily. Has a wife and two small children.

The flood of the century got many Central European cities under water in June. The river Danube stepped over the highest recorded historic flood level in the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Check out how these wicked wakeboarders do slalom between flooded traffic signs, street lamps and guard rails. The police of course try to stop them.

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