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The proper way to draw a car

Paul White sketching a wreck on a time-lapse video - a must see

15/06/2013 06:56 |  Comments: 


The guy behind the idea of the English-language Totalcar site, the, also serving as an editor at the Hungarian , our mother site. Serial collector of sorry old things that have internal combustion engines in them, as a newfound religion, Zsolt is keeping a family under the terror of rust. Being in the business for the best part of the last 19 years, he landed at Totalcar after serving at a huge round of printed automotive magazines. Has a wife, two small(ish) children and a pet rabbit.

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We have all drawn cars in the back of our sketchbooks - some of the pics turned out better, some worse. But just watch this guy, he's unbelievable.

Super-realistic vans with graffiti on their sides, psychedelic visions of pickups, crashed cars from all views - the way this dude can draw compared to what you produced in 8th grade is like watching a 3D LED TV after the faded B&W 8mm film of your great-grandad from eighty years earlier. Just take a dive in his gallery of pictures and you'll be astonished.

But it is way better to watch how he does his stuff - now that is when you're gonna draw a deep breath and forget to exhale for a little while... You're just a click away from it.

Paul White Time-lapse of a drawing from paul white on Vimeo.

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